We welcome members of the audience to watch the conductor competition proceed through all its stages.

The competition offers a fascinating perspective on the work of young conductors, and many of the competitors from previous years have become top international conductors. On the days of the competition, the programme is divided into morning and evening rounds. Find out more about the schedule on the programme webpage. Each competitor will conduct the orchestra for 25 minutes during the first preliminary round, for 30 minutes during the second preliminary round and for 40 minutes during the Semi-finals. In the Semi-finals and Finals, each competitor will conduct one composition that is included in the common competition programme and one composition they have chosen themselves from the competition programme.

We ask members of the audience to take the following into account:

- Please follow the programme schedule carefully, as the competitors and Jury need peace and quiet to concentrate on the performance

- Taking photographs and other recordings is forbidden. Please also switch off your mobile phones

- During the preliminary rounds, there is no doorman service in the lobby of the City Hall

- Café Maestro’s opening hours during competition days